HAUSER CZ s.r.o. metal production, powder paintshop, CNC plate moulding

Metal Production

Belt Conveyors
For transportation tiny materials, lite loose materials, ...
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Tube Conveyor
Conveyor is inteded for transportation loose material ....
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Chain Conveyors (REDLERs)
Chain conveyors are designed to transport such as cereal ...
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They are used for vertical transport (vertically) and ...
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For transportation cargo in packets, cartons, containers, etc..
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Underpass Silo
Sectional system

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Manipulation technique
In use separately or behind the towing vehicle ...
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Trapdoor works
Watterproof cover - panelboard ready...
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Custom-made Metal Production
We produce for our customers charging hoppers with...
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HAUSER CZ s.r.o. HAUSER CZ s.r.o. HAUSER CZ s.r.o. HAUSER CZ s.r.o. HAUSER CZ s.r.o. HAUSER CZ s.r.o.

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HAUSER CZ s.r.o.
Tlučenská 8
330 27 Vejprnice
Phone : +420 377 826 453
Fax : +420 377 827 010
E-mail : kontakt@lhauser.cz

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